Genome Korea Conference



Welcome to 2030 Ulsan Biomedical Industry Initiative Symposium and Genome Korea conference.


 - 17th December. 2015. UNIST


Ulsan is Korea's industrial capital and aims to build biomedical industry in the coming decades.

As the first core project, Ulsan initiated 10,000 Korean genome project (Genome Korea).


On 17th Dec. Ulsan City and UNIST host the above symposium and conference at UNIST.

Many biomedical companies and organizations in Korea are invited to attend this meeting.

There will be two UNIST professors' introduction on Ulsan's strategy of biomedical industry

development and Ulsan 10,000 genome project and three external speakers who will be talking

about biomedical industry, national genome projects, and genome based venture companies.


2015 will be the year to initiate the national genome project of Korea and we are seeking

to work with international scientists with genomics, biomedicine, bioinformatics, and

disease study backgrounds.


The goal of Ulsan's biomedical industry can be summarized as building industry

for P6 medicine (Predictive, Preventive, Precise, Personalized, Participatory, and Persistent)



Gyungdong Hall, 4th Floor of the main admin. building) on 17th Dec.


14:00 ~ 14:30 : Registration

14:30 ~ 15:00 : Openning and Congratulations

15:00 ~ 15:10 : Ulsan Biomedical Industry Development Strategy

15:10 ~ 15:20 : Introducing Genome Korea in Ulsan Project

15:20 ~ 15:40 : Genome Korea Consortium Designation and Launch of the Genome Korea Project

15:40 ~ 15:50 : Break

15:50 ~ 16:20 : Edgar MacBean, Illumina,  "National Genome Projects"

16:20 ~ 16:50 : Dr. Minah Seo, SKKU,  "About Biomedical Engineering"

16:50 ~ 17:20 : Dr. Byungchul Kim, Clinomics, "Best practice for establishing a genomics venture company in Korea"

17:20 ~ 18:00 : Q&A, Discussion.